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Tiniletters Calligraphy


Martina Keddou Tiniletters
Martina Keddou Tiniletters
Tiniletters Calligraphy
Tiniletters Calligraphy


Letters have always been fascinating to me. As a child, I found solace through books and writing.


In 2016, I learned about hand lettering. This activity helped me reconnect with my inner self. Since then, I have grown this passion relentlessly.


Always with my trusty notepad and my pretty pens, I strive to breathe life into inspirational words that come my way. I see them come to life and grow a soul of their own. That is also why I feel particularly drawn to this style of writing which requires being anchored to the present moment, losing track of time.


I want to show you the values of handwriting and how it can help you dream and get away. Let’s go back to the core of beautifully written masterpieces.

Tiniletters Calligraphy
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My services
Tiniletters Calligraphy

My lettering and calligraphy services are as far and wide as your imagination can carry you. I pride myself in customizing every project you entrust me with, precisely to reflect how unique you are or how your event is extraordinary.


The services I offer can be on any type of media (paper, cardboard, fabric, miscellaneous items) and for various purposes (decorating, commercial promotion, events, etc.).


For any special occasions or corporate events, I will customize your envelops, place cards, invitations, thank you notes and any other related items.


My wish is not only to offer quality services, but also, and above all, that my creations resonate with you or your clients on an emotional level whenever you look at them. Beyond the beauty of letters and their style, I endeavor to take you on a journey infused with elegance, fineness, and intricate traditions.


Your personality and your brand are unique and so should your client feel!

Tiniletters Calligraphy Portfolio
Tiniletters Calligraphy


Tiniletters Workshop

The desire to share my passion naturally drove me to plan various workshops to teach this fabulous art. If you want to open the doors of your imagination, play with shapes and colors and devote yourself to a limitless and meaningful practice, you’ve come to the right place!

We tend to see hand lettering or the art of drawing letters as something beyond our reach. That’s just not true. This skill can be learned by anyone. First, your own creativity will tell you what’s possible, because creativity is unlimited and beats the need to have a legible, harmonious or pretty handwriting if you want to get started with this skill.

Curiosity and audacity prevail. It’s all about going beyond what you were taught at school, by looking at letters like small pieces of art, with curves and lines, rounded or aligned, big or thin, in order to tame them.

Once you’ve learned the - very simple - basics and practiced enough, you’ll improve quite quickly, and your motivation will increase exponentially.

In my course, I teach the basics of hand lettering so that you can stand on your own two feet and get started with your own creations with confidence.


Tiniletters Calligraphy


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